I will be your coach and manage your financial game plan.

Your financial house

YOUR Financial House is a snapshot of your most important financial components. My goal is to establish potential decisions or actions that we can contemplate together and consider each of these components.

Great questions and detailed answers provide the potential for excellent planning.

For your consideration, you may want to apply these questions to you "Financial House"

Cash Flow Icon Financial Planner Irvine California

01 Cash Flow

Are you positive or negative on a monthly basis? How much money do you bring home? How much do you spend? If you can save, are you doing so? For every client I work with, this is the first step of the planning process. Determining your cash flow (including your withholding's from your w-2 income if you are still working) helps in establishing all of our planning methods.

Balance Sheet Icon Financial Planner Irvine California

02 Balance Sheet Components

This is a fancy way of asking, "what do you have and how much do you owe?" Along with your Cash Flow, your Assets and Liabilities help determine your ability to accomplish your goals.

Protection Planing Icon Financial Planner Irvine California

03 Protection Planning

Do you feel comfortable with the coverage's you have in place? Do you know how much you should have? Is self Insurance a possibility? Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Property/Casualty, Disability Coverage (if you are still working).

Tax Planning Icon Financial Planner Irvine California

04 Tax Planning

Do you receive a refund or owe? Are you looking to reduce your taxation? Are you keeping as much as possible? Are you paying taxes on what your investments are yielding? Are you getting hit with Alternative Minimum Tax every year?

Estate Planning Icon Financial Planner Irvine California

05 Estate Planning

Do you have a Will or a Trust? If so, does the titling of your assets accurately reflect the document? For your Assets with a named beneficiary, are your wishes properly reflected? Are you set up to efficiently transfer your assets to your beneficiaries and doing it as tax efficiently and hassle free as possible?

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