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My personal background

I have lived in Orange County, California, for all of my life. I am a member of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Orange.  I attended Orange Lutheran High School (class of 1993) and I received my bachelor’s degree in finance from California State University Fullerton in 1998 .

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My life continued to fall into place after meeting my wonderful wife, Carolyn, and we were married in 2009.  We are the proud parents of two daughters, Julia (arrived in 2011) and Anna (arrived in 2013) .  We call the city of Orange our home and plan to do so for many years going forward.  We try our best to keep life fun by staying active with our girls, traveling, and scheduling in a date night whenever possible.  We attend St. John’s Lutheran Church in Orange where Carolyn (a former First Grade Teacher) works as an Education specialist and our girls attend school.  As well, I am a member of the school board, the endowment committee, and I volunteer several times a year teaching the financial portion of the “Becoming One” class for newlywed couples.

While attending college, I worked at the BJ's Restaurant & Brewery in Brea.  Upon graduating, I was offered an opportunity to work directly with the BJ's Corporate Office.  Over the next 5 years my role evolved several times, and eventually I settled in as a Financial Analyst reporting to the Executive team.  It was in this role that my skills evolved in the areas of forecasting, corporate budgeting, and cash flow management.  Although this experience was invaluable, over time, I came to the realization that my heart was guiding me towards a different career path.  In 2004, I decided it was time to pursue my passion and become a Financial Advisor.

My path to becoming a financial advisor

Investing caught my attention in 7th grade.  It was 1987 and I was taking an elective course titled, "The Stock Market".  Every day we would learn the new values of our fictional portfolios that included ABC and XYZ stocks.  This was all very exciting to me.  This also happened to be the same year that we all witnessed Black Monday.  On October 19, 1987, my imaginary stock portfolio survived but many real life portfolios were significantly damaged.  Even at 12 years old, this event showed me that investing has both the potential for great gains and the possibility of devastating losses.

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When I chose the path of a Financial Advisor, I fulfilled a lifelong goal of working in this discipline. I had already been an investor, trading individual stocks and owning Mutual Funds, but I truly wanted to work in the Financial Planning field. So in 2004, I started on my path with Trilogy Financial. Upon "hitting the field," I quickly realized that the finances can be overwhelming and burdensome for many people. Every household can truly benefit from sound professional advice.

After over a decade of working with many wonderful people, I am proud to say that I am a successful Financial Advisor. I have a continually growing family of households that have evolved into rich friendships over the years. I am proud of my practice and the guidance I provide. As my career has evolved, I have learned a lot about planning, incorporating more sophisticated tools, and making it my professional priority to do great work for everyone I help.

My one driving vision is to be an IRREPLACEABLE ASSET in the lives of all my clients; to be the first person they think of for any and everything financial.

Trilogy Financial was Founded in 1999 by President, Jeff Motske, CFP® and Executive Vice President, Kevin Mackintosh . Our firm is an  independent, privately-held financial planning firm based in Orange County, CA. Our independence is a tremendous advantage for our clients, being that we  are not captive to any proprietary investment products. We have access to virtually all investment solutions; we have the ability to create completely custom portfolios designed to meet our clients’ needs and help them meet their financial objectives. As an independent financial planning firm, Trilogy Financial is partnered with LPL Financial as it's broker dealer to facilitate all securities transactions.

Jeff Picture Financial Advisor in Irvine California
“Financial freedom is not a destination; it’s a way of life. It’s a thousand good decisions in one direction.”
-  Jeff Motske, President Trilogy Financial

Dave Ramsey teaches sound principles that are applicable for all aspects of your financial well being. Whether you are in your 20’s and just starting out, in your 40’s and ramping up your savings, or in your 60’s+ and enjoying retirement, his philosophies can be a powerful tool to employ for your ‘financial health’.
I am a true believer in the 7 Baby Steps and the financial freedom that adhering to them can produce. I have attended Dave’s Financial Peace University (FPU), ensuring that the advice and guidance I provide is in line with Dave’s teachings. These goals are very natural for me to adhere to because even before I became Smart Vestor Pro, I was building my own business based upon the same basic principles.

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