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An evolving relationship

The New Client process is only the starting point of our relationship, and our work together is far from done. You chose me because you liked me, you trusted me, and you thought I have your best interests at heart. Additionally, from this point forward, it will be my responsibility and privilege to continually work on living up to your expectations. I will do my best to follow through by listening to you, responding to your needs, communicating opportunities, and guiding you and your family members along the path toward financial prosperity. I will do my best to return your calls/emails within 24 hours, if not sooner. I will proactively reach out to you throughout the year to stay up to date.  


Our official annual Meeting is an opportunity to get caught up on what has changed in the last 12 months. Although we will have been in contact since our last face to face meeting, this is a more formal approach to catching up. We will review Portfolio allocations and performance. We will look at your goals and determine if we are tracking well.  We will review your protection planning and your prior year tax return. We can evaluate your savings and spending and see if and adjustments might be necessary.  For Decision Center clients this process is made much easier because everything is already on their client portal.

Life Happens and things change. Changes cause us to rethink, reevaluate, and readjust our planning over time. If and when "stuff" happens, I am only a phone call away for advice. There might be some years where all we do is speak over the phone once or twice and have a quick annual review meeting.  Subsequently, there may be other years where there are some intense life events and we will be in contact on a very regular basis as we work through necessary steps. Together we will consider the potential impact of any changes in your circumstances and/or in the marketplace on your plan then modify it if appropriate. In my experience, below are just a few of the items I will be ready and able to help you with.

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Employment Changes.

If you are let go from your job, receive a promotion, move to another company, or decide to change careers altogether, we should talk about the many things that will be affected.

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Empty Nest.

Once the kids are out of the house, your cash flow might improve a bit. We should discuss the changes and how your savings ability will be affected.

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Approaching retirement.

All of the planning we work on over the years for this milestone is starting to become a reality. We will be talking as you get closer and closer, making sure that we are allocated properly and that the numbers are continually making sense.

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Business transition.

If you have worked hard to build a successful business, it can be very difficult to decide what to do with the business once you are ready to transition to retirement.  I can help!

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Retiring and all that goes with it.

Such as maintaining assets while taking distributions, taking required minimum distribution, wanting to spend more than you planned, and many many other things.

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Offspring challenges.

What if your adult child needs help? How do we make sure that you'll be able to help when the time comes?

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Many times employment and savings are tremendously affected with an extended illness. This might also be the incapacity of a parent or a loved one.  You will need a game plan and I can help.

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Death in the family.

I can help you with the tough questions when/if you lose a family member and you are a part of the estate and/or a trustee or beneficiary.

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Estate Transfer.

Weather we are planning for yours, or dealing with someone else's, I can be a valuable resource as you start working through important factors tied to this event.

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