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Complete Financial Planning

Consider for a moment your future. Consider your current plans, the goals you have yet  to accomplish, the major items you want to purchase, the retirement you are expecting at a certain age, and your ability to finish your life with dignity. Are you picturing it?

Now ask yourself one simple question Will your actual future resemble these plans?

To answer these questions (and more) you need a plan. By incorporating A Financial Plan into your overall planning, we can do some truly remarkable things. Every aspect of your Financial Life Connected and accounted for. A thorough financial forecast, considering everything we know today about tomorrow. This truly is the best way I can help you.

First, we will help you get your
Financial House organized.

We will get all of your financial information in one safe place. It will be consolidated, visible, and updated daily. We will electronically link all of your bank accounts, investments, credit cards, mortgages to the client portal. Everything you need is instantly accessible. And because your portal is a Web Based planning tool, you can access your personal financial planning website from “virtually” anywhere. And once the components of your Finances are visible in one snapshot, you will be able to start thinking about your big picture with greater clarity going forward.

Charts Image Financial Advisor Irvine California
Charts Image Financial Advisor Irvine California

Next, we will design from scratch a custom tailored financial plan based upon your unique life.

Your plan will include thorough Cash Flow and portfolio growth projections, which will serve as your road map for your  financial goals going forward.  We will forecast your planned spending until age(s) 90+ and adjust costs for inflation.

As time goes on, we will utilize your financial road map to track your progress.

We will be able to potentially test “what-if” scenarios, such as retiring early, downsizing your home, or traveling even more during your retirement years. This planning component allows us to test growth implications, spending projection changes, distribution modeling, and the impact of all of these on your financial stability throughout the rest of your lifetime.

Charts Image Financial Advisor Irvine California
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