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My Three Rules For Pursuing Financial Success

We live in an age of information overwhelm. If we have a question, countless answers are at our fingertips. And while many of the answers and advice out there can change our lives for the better, sometimes we just don’t know where to start. This is especially true when it comes to finances. If you want to eliminate debt, there’s the snowball method or the avalanche method as well as a plethora of debt reduction calculators. If you are worried about saving for retirement, multiple articles will give you a variety of different percentages you should be contributing to your retirement accounts and giving you advice on what accounts you should open.

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What is a Fiduciary and Why is it Important?

In the news, the word “fiduciary” has been thrown around a lot in regards to financial advisors and their duties. The concept can seem confusing to people, as many assume that all advisors, whether they’re stockbrokers or financial planners, are required to act in their client’s best interest. But that’s not the reality. It’s important to understand the distinction between different types of advisors’ roles and what it means for you and your money.

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Is Your Retirement Plan Ready for a Market Downturn in 2018?

If you’ve kept an eye on the markets in the past year, you know that 2017 was a banner year for stocks. In fact, both the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 celebrated the launch of 2018 by reaching record highs (1) and until the beginning of February 2018, we were experiencing the second longest bull market since 1929.

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Will Your Money Last?

Have you ever thought about the possibility of living past the age of 100? If you haven’t, you probably should. While there are currently about 75,000 centenarians in the United States, it is predicted that by 2050 that number will rise to 1 million. (1) People are living longer than ever, and this plays a significant role in how you plan for your retirement. How can you accurately plan when you don’t know how long you will live? How can you make sure that your retirement savings will not run out?

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What Does Trump’s New Tax Plan Mean for You

On Wednesday, December 20, 2017, Congress passed the final version of their new tax bill, which was subsequently signed into law by President Trump. Since the campaign trail, President Trump has spoken of sweeping tax reform and this bill entails a number of changes to the U.S. tax code that will impact both corporations and individuals.

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How Could North Korea Affect Your Portfolio?

It seems as if the entire world is watching with bated breath as tensions with North Korea rise. How much further can things escalate?

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