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The Top 4 Regrets in Retirement

It’s hard to ignore the topic of retirement. You most likely see news reports about the state of retirement savings, come across articles on your social media, or receive updates on your 401(k) or other investment accounts from your employer or financial advisor. For many of us, retirement is on the top of our minds as we work hard to build up our nest egg so we can one day slow down, change pace, and finally have all the time we need to pursue passions and invest in relationships.

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In Case You Missed it … Listen to My Segment on the Jeff Motske Show

I am honored to have been recently featured (for the 3rd time!) on the popular Jeff Motske Show. If you’re short on time, skip ahead to my segment at the 24 minute mark for a discussion on the questions I get asked the most, some investment strategies that help you avoid the stock market trap, and case studies that highlight how we coach our clients. Listen here now or download Episode #162 on iTunes to listen later!

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Five Steps to Get Your Financial House in Order

Did you know that four in ten Americans admit that they prefer not to think about money? (1) Unfortunately, when it comes to your money, ignorance is far from bliss. When you don’t take control of your money, it will take control of you. That being said, finances can seem complicated and overwhelming, and many people suffer from decision fatigue and don’t know where to start. If that’s you, take a look at these five steps to get your financial house in order.

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Your 2018 Social Security Benefit Guide

Almost 62 million people depend on Social Security in one way or another. Born out of the Great Depression as a retirement safety net, it has grown to cover 96% of Americans. In 2017, the Social Security Administration paid out $955 billion in benefits, the majority of which went to retired workers. (1)

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David Willett To Appear on the Jeff Motske Radio Show

Have you ever wished for a trustworthy resource to help you discover foundational financial principles and learn how to apply them to your life? The Jeff Motske Radio Show is exactly that.

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Who Do You Turn To For Advice?

We live in an age of information overload. Everywhere you turn, different people are declaring their different opinions and it’s easy to get confused, especially when it comes to your finances. Who do you turn to for quality financial guidance? How can you be sure you won’t be led astray by well-meaning “experts?” At Trilogy Financial, we prioritize time-tested principles that will help you build a firm financial foundation. But with all the “noise” out there, how do you find this advice?

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