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Three Financial Reminders for Tax Season

Spring is in the air … which means that your taxes are due VERY SOON. If you are like one-third of Americans, you wait until the last minute to file your taxes. Unfortunately, procrastinating won’t do you any good and only serves to increase your blood pressure, so don’t wait until April to get organized. If you want to avoid the headaches that tax season brings, follow these three tips between now and April 18th:

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Do You Know Your Risk Number?

My valued and prospective clients often ask me how they should position their investments in today’s market. This question, and others along the same line, has been a recurring theme for the twelve plus years I have been running my financial planning practice, and I don’t see that changing. No matter what the situation, my consistent response is that Risk Tolerance + Time Frame + Distribution Needs should guide us to your Risk Number and appropriate overall allocation.  

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Love and Money

It’s nearly impossible to ignore the statistics that surround the topic of love and money. Money is the primary reason for arguments between couples, with many couples averaging three fights per month revolving aroundfinancial issues.1  Furthermore, 3 in 10 married adults admit to potentially deceitful behavior about money, and arguments about finances are the most common predictors2 of a future divorce.

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How Will You Protect Yourself from the Silent Retirement Killer…Inflation?

The next time you go to the movies, think about how much tickets were 20 years ago versus the $15.00 you are paying today. The same goes for other expenses: How much has the cost of a gallon of milk or a postage stamp increased? This effect is called inflation and simply stated, inflation erodes your money’s value. It makes the same products or services you buy today cost more in the future, possibly double or triple the price as the decades pass by. Inflation is a slow and silent assassin, and it doesn’t care about you or me and what we can afford.

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Why You Need a Financial Advisor for 2017

Are you ready to commit to improving your financial house in 2017? Unless you TRULY enjoy financial planning (and less than 10% of the population does), you could reap the many benefits of working with an advisor.

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Six Financial Actions to Take Before 2017

Can you believe 2016 is already almost over? It seems as though this year just began but we’re already approaching the final weeks and heading into 2017. As celebratory as December can be with the holidays, it can also be an overwhelming time of year. We realize we may not have accomplished all of our goals, or we’re trying to fit in a few last-minute projects before January 1st.

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