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9 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Financial Advisor

The financial advisor you choose to handle your family’s hard-earned wealth will have a significant impact on your progress toward your goals, your decision-making, and your confidence in your financial future. There’s considerable variation in the service, expertise, and abilities of the 200,000+ financial advisors across the country. (1)

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Are You Affected by the Equifax Data Breach? Here's What to Do

If you have a credit report (and most of us do), there’s a good chance that you were one of the estimated 143 million Americans affected by the recent Equifax Data Breach. If you have been affected, it’s important to be proactive to protect your credit now.

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David Willett Featured on the Jeff Motske Radio Show

Do you ever wonder how to get your financial health in tip-top shape? On August 26th at 9am, tune in to the Jeff Motske Show on AM 1150 The Patriot to hear me speak about timely and time-tested financial topics. The best way to catch my segment is through iHeartRadio. You can tune in by:

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How Much Do You Know About Social Security? (Quiz)

Social Security can be complicated to navigate at times, but since it’s so vital to your retirement income plan, it’s important to make wise decisions and create strategies to optimize your benefits. If you’re planning for your retirement income and evaluating your Social Security filing options, take a moment to test your knowledge first!

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How Does Your Retirement Savings Compare to Your Peers?

Retirement is a hot topic in the personal finance world. There is a glut of information about when to start saving, what the best strategies are, and how much you’ll need. If you do a simple search on the topic of retirement calculators, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from!

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The Biggest Lie Financial Advisors Tell

Do you know what drives your investment returns? If you’re like most people, the first thing that comes to mind is probably market performance. It’s not surprising that this is the popular thought since many advisors consistently tell their clients the same lie: that the performance of your investments is the key factor in a successful retirement strategy.

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